Dry Shampoo Original

Clean and Fresh


Dry shampoo is the ideal way to get great looking hair in between washes. Our Natural Classic Dry shampoo reduces oil, greasiness and dirt in a spritz.

Add body and texture and a great scent all in a compact 150mml spray that fits it a handbag, glove box, suitcase or briefcase – easy

Prolong the blow dry, make and save time in the morning, noon or night and give your hair a refresh when you want and wherever you want.

Sharp, clean and refreshing

Whether it’s for a quick solution for a busy day or a weekend stay in a tent, Cyclax Natural Classic Dry Shampoo is an essential hair care product.

Cyclax Natural Classic Dry Shampoo Original gives your hair a beautiful scent of clean and fresh with that just-washed feeling without the hassle!

Avoid a time-consuming wash and additional heat damage through drying by simply spraying this easy to use dry shampoo directly to your roots. Massage the roots to encourage the shampoo to cover where required and brush away any additional product. 

You will find that your hair will feel full of volume, smell fresh with an enticing aroma, and all of this is achieved in just minutes. Hair is then ready to be styled so your day can begin!

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